Who we are

About Orange Mall

Orange Mall, in partnership with Mall for Africa, we are making it possible for our customers to shop globally and pay locally; we provide Nigerians a platform through which they can purchase items directly from international online retailers - brands that, otherwise, would be inaccessible to them. Our patented app, platform, and payment system give users access to hundreds of US and UK e-commerce retailers and more than 8.5 billion products combined. 

Orange Mall will be supported by Mall for Africa to handle operations, customer care, and logistics, while Paga will process all payments made through its secure wallet which customers can link to their linked bank cards and accounts.

About Paga

Paga is a mobile payment company. Paga is building an ecosystem to enable people to digitally send and receive money, and creating simple financial access for everyone. Paga’s website is www.mypaga.com

About MallforAfrica

MallforAfrica is an online platform that enables people in Africa purchase products from top US and UK online retailers. In partnership with Paga we are proud to bring Paga customers a unique shopping experience with OrangeMall. At MallforAfrica we pride ourselves on providing customers with an amazing simple shopping experience and easy payments with Paga.


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